Microsoft Promotes Xbox Game With Footage From PlayStation

See the bottom-right corner of the screen? Those are not the controls for an Xbox (image from Reddit)

See the bottom-right corner of the screen? Those are not the controls for an Xbox (image from Reddit)

With Microsoft and Sony both releasing next-gen gaming consoles in the coming weeks, the push is on for each company to convince consumers that its console is the bee’s knees and thus worth plunking down several hundred dollars to purchase. What better way to sell the public on the awesomeness of your product than by accidentally uploading footage from your competitor’s console?

According to the above screengrab posted to Reddit, that appears to be what happened earlier today when the official Xbox YouTube account posted a video of gameplay footage from the upcoming title Watch Dogs.

As anyone vaguely familiar with the differences between Sony and Microsoft consoles would quickly notice, the onscreen button prompts shown in the bottom-right corner of the video are not the Xbox’s standard X,Y,A,B but the triangle and circle shapes used on the PlayStation consoles.

Users on Reddit say that before the video was taken down, Microsoft attempted to cover up the buttons so as to obscure which console the footage was from.

It’s likely that this was simply a goof on the part of someone at Microsoft or game-publisher Ubisoft and not any attempt to trick people. Regardless, it’s pretty funny that no one noticed at any point in the process that this was the incorrect footage.

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  1. Snarkapus says:

    Well, this was also the company that promoted Windows with ads made on a Mac.

  2. Dreadcthulhu01 says:

    Its not a huge surprise this sort of thing happened; Microsoft probably just wanted the show off the better looking version of the game. ;) For those who haven’t followed the hardware reveals for the upcoming consoles, both the PS4 & Xbox One are using a very similar processor + graphics chip from AMD, only the PS4 version’s graphics part is close to 50% more powerful ( 18 compute units, vs 12 compute units of the same design on the One). The Xbox one does have slightly higher clockspeeds on its graphics part, but not anywhere near enough to make up the difference.

    Both consoles went with 8 GB of main RAM, but PS4 chose to use fast memory, while the One went with slower main memory, plus a very small cache of very fast memory. Which again, helps, but doesn’t make up the difference. Thus, any cross-platform games will most likely end up looking a fair bit better on the PS4.

  3. Raekwon says:

    This is identical footage to what is shown with a similar title on Ubisoft’s channel. Ubisoft had a black censor square over the button icons for most of the video but forgot a split second where this screen grab is from. Microsoft used the same video on their own Youtube channel without checking it first. A lot of people are saying this is fake but it isn’t. I was watching it yesterday (literally seconds before the takedown) on Microsoft’s channel and you can still view it on Ubi’s channel. Most likely this footage was used for all systems since it looked the best so take it for what it is.

  4. PhillyDom says:

    The box said “Xbox or better,” so they bought a PlayStation.