Why Do So Many Calphalon, Vitamix, And Frigidaire Blenders Have Defective Blades?

LARGE_Blender 1832449_Full ProductConsumerist readers regale us with tales of Calphalon’s above-and-beyond customer service for their pots and pans, but the company is relatively new to the field of small appliances. How are they doing with that? The company has joined Vitamix and Frigidaire in having its blenders recalled because the blades sort of, um, blend themselves.

Consumer Reports told us all so this past summer when they reviewed blenders, giving this particular model a rating of Don’t Buy: Safety Risk.

We shared those two previous recalls in the September Recall Roundup. These aren’t cheap blenders: the Frigidaire and Calphalon models cost about $130, and the Vitamix cost as much as $750.

For more information or to find out how to get a replacement blade if your blender is affected, check out these official recall sites.

If you’ve been injured by these blenders (or by any other product) be sure to contact the CPSC. It could be one defective item, or a production problem that could hurt other consumers too.

Vitamix Container Blade Recall [Vitamix]

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