Good Samaritan Buys Woman A New Bike After She Posts An Angry Letter To Thief

Perhaps it was the thought of all that hard work wasted, or maybe the threat of violence against whoever stole it, but a Chicago woman’s rant to the person who stole her bike resulted in a happy ending. A kindly fellow and his daughter took the 19-year-old out to buy a brand new bike to ease the pain of her stolen property.

CBS Chicago posted a photo of the letter a woman stuck on a light pole near the bike rack where her bike was boosted, located right outside the art supply store where she works. In the letter she railed against the loss of her single mode of transportation and eloquently lamented the effect its loss could have on her life, after she worked so hard to buy the $700 set of wheels.

To the letter!:

“To the piece of s*** that stole my bike from this bike rack. Do you know how hard I worked to buy that bike? Actually, you stole it WHILE I was at work,” she wrote. “I’m 19 and I payed (sic) for it completely out of my own pocket. I work 40 hours a week. I go to school part-time. And that bike was my only form of transportation, you [something redacted that must be naughty.]. I don’t even have a phone with a camera on it! So, I don’t care who you are or where your’e from but you just stole something from a person who dedicates her time to maker her life better rather than going around stealing s**t. So f*** you. And if I ever figure out who you are all 100 lab of me is going to kick your stupid ass.”

That rageful missive reached the eyes of a random passerby who happened to see it. He reached out to the woman, prompted perhaps by his own memories of having a beloved bike stolen from him.

“They were both super amazing people that sort of restored my hope in society,” the bereft bike owner said of the man and his daughter, who footed the bill for a new set of wheels.

She adds that she wasn’t looking for a free ride or to shame the thief — the letter was all about venting.

“I didn’t write the letter to get sympathy or anything, or for even someone to see the note and feel bad. That’s not why I wrote it. I just wrote it because I was really upset,” she said. “I felt like it was the only thing that I could really do, you know, just to get my anger out.”

As for her benevolent bike benefactor, however, she couldn’t be happier at how things turned out.

“I’m super-excited and stoked,” she said. “It’s pretty awesome. I’m just really happy, and excited. It’s been like an awesome, weird story.”

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