Buying A Home Near A Cemetery Will Cost You More Because Everyone Likes Quiet Neighbors

While we know it might be a waste of time and money to buy a famous haunted house, how about a home that just so happens to be situated near an area traditional linked to haunting? Snapping up a quiet property near a cemetery actually costs more per square foot than purchasing a home near rowdier neighbors than folks gone by.

Notwithstanding any kind of scenario where the dead might walk among the living — in which case a cemetery would become quite a grumbling, mumbling and shuffling nuisance — Redfin (via Quartz) crunched the numbers and found that houses within 50 feet of a cemetery sell for 13% more per square foot than those not so conveniently situated.

The average price per square foot for a view of graves was $162, compared to $142 to $150 for the same measurement more than 100 yards away.

It’s not just about having no fear of ghosts — graveyards and cemeteries are often located in some of the oldest parts of a town. That “the older the better” quality can be desirable, depending on the city.

“The gravestones are a part of history. They’re pockmarked and windblown and eroded,” says a Redfin agent in Philadelphia, noting that some of her clients love living near the historic Old Pine Church Cemetery.

If the house comes with a coupon for Scooby Doo and the gang to come by and solve any spooky mysteries, I could probably be convinced. Also? Today is Halloween, did you guys know that? Just checking.

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