Walmart Sends Me Extra Clothes, Says To Keep Or Donate Them

Image courtesy of (Northwest dad)

Inevitably, in commerce through the mail, shipments get mixed up, customers receive the wrong thing or nothing at all, and customers receive multiples of what they ordered. What impressed Brent was that sure, Walmart says that they “may have” shipped the jersey that he ordered “multiple times.” They not only didn’t ask him to return the items, but encouraged him to donate them. Isn’t that wonderful?

Here’s the e-mail that he received:


Dear Brent [redacted],

Thank you for shopping with

Due to a system error, we may have shipped the apparel item(s) listed below multiple times and so you may receive one or more item(s) you did not expect.

Because this was our error, we’d like for you to enjoy the extra items you receive – on us! You will not be charged for the extra items you receive. If you don’t need or want the extra items, we suggest you consider giving it to a friend or donating it to an organization that supports those in need.

[Here were the details of the item Brent ordered and may receive in duplicate or more]

Again, thank you for shopping with, and thank you for your understanding in this matter.


Your Customer Service Team

“As much as I complain about Walmart, I think this is a pretty classy act,” Brent wrote when he forwarded us this notice. “They should be applauded.”