Google Wants You To Sell Your Friends On Its $1,500 Glass Devices

Geordi needs friends.

Geordi needs friends.

Is it lonely on the top of technology hill, where you sit gazing out over the landscape with your Google Glass perched saucily on your nose, surveying all you see? Instead of selling your friends the devices itself, Google wants you to be the one to convince your pals they also need a pair of $1,500 Google Glass spectacles. So you won’t be lonely!

Just like Google only invited some people to buy Glass in the first place, the company is taking another invite-only step by offering users of the smartglasses three invitations to hand out to friends, reports the Los Angeles Times.

That way, you can do the selling and the company doesn’t even have put on its own song and dance and by the time Glass is offered to the general public, everyone will be clambering for a chance to sit with you on your awesome hill.

Once you get an invitation from a friend you can order Glass online or visit Google. In a store, probably, or you could show up at headquarters and ring the doorbell, just see who answers.

“We’re counting on you to get Glass to the people you think will make great Explorers,” the company said. “More Explorers means more feedback, and more feedback means better Glass.”

And if perhaps your Glass device has become too old for you to even think of still using, Google is letting current users swap out their smartglasses for a new pair. These upgraded specs work with new shade and fit prescription frames, features the future glasses will also have.

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