6-Foot Alligator Stops At Walmart For A Few Things, Freaks Everyone Out

It must be hard out there to be an alligator: You’re on your way home from a tough day at the swamp, yawning with exhaustion and you see a Walmart. “Great!” your gator brain things. “I do need to pick up a few things for dinner and some light bulbs.” But it’s not that easy when you’re a six-foot reptile that tends to scare the pants off any humans you meet.

Shoppers and workers at a Walmart in central Florida got a bit of a shock this weekend when a six-foot alligator waltzed up to the store’s entryway and decided to stay put. The automatic doors opened and closed, confused into thinking that perhaps Mr. Gator was going to come in.

Eventually employees locked the door, reports WKMG-TV, just in case the gator did decide he wanted to go into the store. Police showed up to try and lure it from the entryway, while bystanders took the opportunity to squeal, take pictures and otherwise ogle the beast.

He finally took off for the woods and was able to evade police in the process, as officers lost sight of the alligator once he made it to the swampy area around the Walmart.

It hasn’t been seen since, probably because it’s somewhere recovering from its failed attempt to run errands while being a ginormous reptilean beast who strikes fear into the hearts of anyone it comes into contact with.

Alligator forces Walmart to lock doors [WKMG-TV]

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