Now I Get Less Paul Mitchell Hair Styling Product For More Money

shaping_creamJD uses a hair product. A tea tree oil-infused styling product from Paul Mitchell, to be precise, that he picks up at Supercuts. He recently got a new supply, but noticed something terrible when he picked it up. The price was slightly higher…and there was slightly less in the jar. It’s the Manly Hair Care Product Shrink Ray!

JD writes:

I’m a guy who uses hair product. Don’t hate. Freedom. ‘Merica.

But I just restocked and saw that my hair product that I buy from Supercuts got zapped by both the Shrink Ray and the Higher Price Ray.

The “Tea Tree Shaping Cream” that I bought four months ago was 100g (3.5 ounces) for $16.45. Today when I bought it at the same salon, it was 85g (3 ounces) for $17.00. You can see the difference in size. And the math works out that I used to pay 16 cents per gram, but now I pay 20 cents per gram and will have to refill it 15% more often.



There’s been an epidemic of men’s hair care product shrink rayage recently. Garnier cut the size of their Surfer Hair product in half after reintroducing it, filling fans of the product with lots of rage.

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