Winn-Dixie Thinks No One Will Want To Buy Groceries If A Strip Club Opens Next Door

A grocery store could have the freshest produce, tastiest selection of deli meats and aisles fairly bursting with all kinds of items you’d want to buy — but does it matter who’s moved in next door? A Winn-Dixie in Florida thinks so, and is fighting to keep a strip club from opening its doors next to a location used by the store for 30 years.

Winn-Dixie filed a lawsuit to block the club from welcoming customers through its doors, reports WKMG News, ostensibly because of the clientele that will be attracted by ladies dancing around in their skivvies.

“Winn-Dixie is a store that promotes and encourages its customers to shop as families, and that as such, minor children are often in Winn-Dixie stores,” reads the lawsuit.

Attorneys for the store claim that its 1982 lease prohibits any neighboring stores from serving alcohol or specifically offering “strip tease.”

“It’s the element it brings in,” said one shopper. “If they’re stripping over there at night, they’re leaving here probably with a few drinks in them.”

What do you think?

Winn Dixie fights against strip club neighbor in DeLand [WKMG News]

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