Brooklyn Restaurant Proves You Don’t Have To Stay Home With The Cat To Have A Silent Meal

Sometimes all you want is a nice, quiet meal — but perhaps the prospect of spending yet another night ordering in Thai food and staring at your cat is just getting old. Or you want to stare lovingly in the eyes of your significant other without having to talk about what Gerald at the office did today. What if there was another way to silence the chattering, cackling masses that didn’t involve shushing your fellow diners?

A Brooklyn restaurant has the solution for those with weary ears, at least a few Sundays every month. Diners can enjoy a completely silent meal that starts at 8 p.m., with no talking until all four courses are over, reports the Associated Press.

“But I don’t know sign language, so how will I order my food?” you might be saying. Simple — you order the pre-fixe meal before the quiet curtain falls. And if you want more water or there’s a bug dancing in your soup, you’ll have to use other means to indicate your needs.

“We made a lot of facial expressions,” explained one diner. “We found other ways of communicating that weren’t verbal.”

The chef said he was inspired to go soundless after spending time in a Buddhist monastery, where breakfast was silent every morning. This is his way of giving diners a chance to focus on the food.

Again, I’d embed the video so you could see the stoic faces on these patrons as they try to suppress the giggles or meditate upon the meaning of life as experienced through silent eating, but it’s got an auto-play ad so check it out in the source link below. Definitely the opposite of sweet, sweet silence.

In other news, even my cat  feels the need to talk through meals so I’d be better off at this joint. Can’t a girl get some goshdarn peace and quiet around here? Ugh.

Shhhh! No talking at this Brooklyn restaurant [Associated Press]

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