“Breaking Bad” References Reach Real Cinnabon In The Real Omaha

Someone screw up your Cinnabon order? Better call Saul!

Someone screw up your Cinnabon order? Better call Saul!

(UPDATED with additional photos and comment from Cinnabon operator) In the chaos of the endgame of the AMC program “Breaking Bad,” one character decides to start over with a new identity. “If I’m lucky, in a month from now, best-case scenario, I’m managing a Cinnabon in Omaha,” this person tells another character. It wasn’t long before references appeared in the real world. (To state the obvious, if you’re saving the show for later, please skip the rest of this post.)


UPDATE: A spokesperson for the company that owns these Cinnabons in Omaha contacted us to confirm that the signs are real and were approved by Cinnabon corporate. “Since we work quite closely with the folks at Cinnabon, I can assure you that they… gave their permission and blessing for us to create and post the banners,” a rep for the company tells Consumerist in an e-mail.

Also, if you’re wondering what a “Pump & Pantry” is, that’s the convenience store that contains the Cinnabon bakeries, and explains why the original picture had a strange light-up wolf behind the Breaking Bad sign.



This sign, a blurry photo of which surfaced on Reddit, is allegedly in front of an actual Cinnabon in the actual city of Omaha.

We’re not sure that the line, uttered by criminal lawyer Saul Goodman, is necessarily a compliment to Cinnabon, but the company has been a good sport about the reference since it first aired.

Either any publicity is good publicity, or Cinnabon hopes that fans will wander in looking for Bob Odenkirk. Either way.

We wrote to Cinnabon’s media relations office to confirm whether this sign is real. Curiously, our e-mails all bounced. Maybe the chain’s media relations contact person recently made a phone call looking for new dust filter for her Hoover MaxExtract PressurePro model 60.

This sign is posted in front of a Cinnabon here in Omaha. (Sorry about the quality) [Reddit]

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