Ashes Found: NH Man Won’t Spend Eternity In Bowels Of Postal System



While relaxing in his favorite fishing spot in Key West, Florida, a New Hampshire man told his wife that this was his idea of heaven on earth, and he wanted to have his ashes spread there. He died suddenly earlier this year, and his widow tried to follow his wishes.

Unfortunately, she did so by mailing his remains through the U.S. Postal Service without expedited service or tracking. It is legal to mail cremated human remains, but only using an expedited mail service.

When the box arrived at her stepdaughter’s home in Florida, the bottom of the box was split open and the urns were missing. Since then, the U.S. Postal service has been searching for the ashes, and we’re happy to report that they turned up. She got the call while grocery shopping at Hannaford, and started screaming in the store. Surely no one would criticize her if they knew the real reason why.

Where were they hiding? The widow says that they were found in a “mail recovery center” near Atlanta. The postal service isn’t quite sure where the ashes fell out on the road between New Hampshire and Florida, but the family is grateful that they’ve been found. Key West is a much better final resting place than a mail sorting center, unless you’re a very dedicated postal employee.

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