Chocolate Mint Jif Whips Looks Like Dog Poo, Tastes Delicious Anyway

Peanut butter isn’t the world’s most perfect food, but it’s close. So I’m always suspicious of any product in the peanut butter section that includes ingredients other than peanuts and salt. By that standard, Jif Whips are especially blasphemous, since it contains a generous helping of sugar and is advertised as being smoother and easier to spread than regular old peanut butter.

This implies that peanut butter is not the perfect food. Yet online reviews tell us that the Whips products aren’t some weird novelty: they’re edible and really tasty. No, that can’t be.

Junk Food Guy tells us that the filling tastes exactly like peanut butter, but has a more versatile texture. “Easy to sandwich in between two chocolate chip cookies, or to dollop on some ice cream.  The manageability of this peanut butter as opposed to its original form opened up a WORLD of possibilities in my head!” he wrote. Delicious possibilities. Theoretically, Whips are supposed to be a lower-fat and calorie version of peanut butter, but you might end up eating more sugar-laden peanut butter spread than you ordinarily would have once you start spreading it on every edible surface.

What’s with this chocolate peanut butter stuff, though? It’s a “limited edition” and sounds like a terrible, disgusting idea. It’s not.


Except for how it looks like dog poo initially. No, the flavors harmonize nicely, which we didn’t expect.

A review over at The Impulsive Buy lays it out:

To the taste buds, Jif Peanut Butter & Chocolate Mint Whips begins with a rich chocolatey flavor complimented by a hint of mint, slowly evolving into a bold peanut butter taste. Neither the mint nor peanut butter flavors are overpowering.

We wouldn’t have thought mint and peanut butter would go together, but if you say so.

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