Chipotle Debuts Bacon-Free Pinto Beans Two Years After Porkgate

Ch-ch-chaaaanges at Ch-ch-chipotle.

Ch-ch-chaaaanges at Ch-ch-chipotle.

Two years after the event I just decided to call Porkgate prompted Chipotle to explain that no, its pinto beans were not vegetarian and in fact contained bacon, it seems the burrito chain is whistling a more vegan-friendly tune. Consumerist reader Tim snapped the above evidence that at least at his local Chipotle, change is on the menu.

He writes that this must be a new creation, as the overhead menu still indicated that the pinto beans are cooked with bacon.

While vegans and vegetarians are surely rejoicing, what about those bacon-lovers who might find themselves questioning their preferred burrito bean? Don’t worry, writes Tim.

“I couldn’t tell any difference in the pinto beans in my burrito with the new formula so that’s good!”

We reached out to Chipotle to see if this was a one-off, and were told nope, this is really happening everywhere:

“We are phasing in a new bacon-less pinto bean recipe around the country. In testing some recipes, we simply didn’t think the bacon added anything and, by removing it, we make the pinto beans vegetarian,” a spokesman tells Consumerist.

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