Oregon Zoo’s Dazzling Array Of Waste Bins Knows You Better Than You Know Yourself

Does this thing come with an instruction manual?

Does this thing come with an instruction manual?

Recycling is a good thing. It’s such a good thing that there are places where you really have no choice but to recycle unless you want to be deliberately jerky about it. Have you met Portland?

“Only in Portland,” writes friend of Consumerist Megan on the above dazzling array of options for all your waste containment needs, on display at the Oregon Zoo.

We’ve heard about Portland, and applaud its waste management efforts — everyone wants to recycle pizza boxes but they’re greasy and ruin the other cardboard stuff, points out Boss Meg — but if an East Coaster were confronted with that number of bins, an instruction manual might be required.

What counts as co-mingle? Can bottles that didn’t contain water go in that bin or do they live somewhere else? The “Not Sure” bin probably gets plenty of play, at least when befuddled non-Portlandians/Portlanders are visiting the zoo.

In any case, our hats are either being tipped to you or are entirely off, Oregon Zoo. Your efforts are astounding.

Speaking of Portland, this all feels like a campaign by the Sanitation Twins. They know everything about waste management.

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