McDonald’s Gives Me Free Post-Workout Smoothie When Card Machines Are Down

Here’s a heartwarming consumer experience to close out the week. It happened at… McDonald’s? Really? In need of post-workout refreshment, Matthew stopped in a nearby McDonald’s for a smoothie. He doesn’t carry cash, but McDonald’s accepts debit cards for small transactions, so no big deal. Right? Not when the card machine is down.

The other day I had just finished working out at the gym when I realized that a smoothie sounded incredibly delicious. There was a McDonalds nearby, so I stopped in to get a berry smoothie to quench my thirst.

As I pulled out my debit card, the manager apologized and said that their credit card machines were down and that he was unable to accept cards. I don’t carry cash, so I explained and apologized and asked for just a cup of water instead. The manager said that he was going to go ahead and make me the smoothie anyways, free of charge.

I completely wasn’t expecting that and it totally made my day. This particular McDonalds is going to be getting a lot more business of mine after workouts because of this. Great customer service.

He must have looked very thirsty. Think how much business giving out one free smoothie in a time of crisis might have generated in the long run for that McDonald’s!

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