If You Can’t Find Your Winning $6.3M Lotto Ticket, Check The Lost & Found

You’ve checked your front pockets, back pockets, the nightstand, the kitchen junk drawer, even the freezer, but that pesky $6.27 million lottery ticket you know you purchased is nowhere to be found. If you happen to be the lucky Spaniard who won the lottery but then lost the ticket, you might want to head to the lost and found at your local police station.

Someone in the city of La Coruña in northwestern Spain is about to become very rich, a year after the lottery was held, reports The Local. But only because someone was honest enough to hand in the lost winning ticket instead of claim it for himself.

The man apparently found the ticket on the counter of a different lotto vendor and realized it was from another seller. He picked it up and turned it in to authorities. If you could pass up $6.3 million so easily I’d like to shake your hand, because that must have taken quite an exercise in honesty.

The winning numbers were drawn on June 30, 2010 but no one has claimed the prize yet. But if no one steps forward as the owner in two years, the Good Samaritan who found it will be dubbed the new winner.

Spain’s National Lottery isn’t leaking many details on the identifying information of the winner in order to stymie pretenders, so all anyone knows is the winner is probably a regular player who visited multiple lotto shops.

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