‘Sound By Steve’ Is Basically The Same As ‘Beats By Dre,’ Right?

Beats by Dre headphones look pretty cool, probably double as earmuffs, and even our audiophile friends over at Consumer Reports think they sound okay. Whether they’re worth the high price tag is up for debate, but most of our readers would probably say “nahh.” Fortunately, you can get that sleek Beats look on a budget.

A popular post on Reddit showing “Sound by Steve” headphones for sale in Istanbul led The Daily Dot to ask: what other Beats knockoffs can we find without traveling to Istanbul, or even getting up off the couch?

To do that, we turn to the Internet’s answer to a flea market: Alibaba, the global commerce site based in China. Consumer-friendly Aliexpress offers pretty much any knockoff gadget that your heart desires, and some that you never even thought of.

How about “Beating S-tudio” headphones? That looks like a real Beats box, making the $15 price tag a little confusing.

For twenty bucks and free shipping, you can get Beats-shaped MIXR headphones, with photos that look like Beats with the brand name sort of half-assedly blanked out with Microsoft Paint. There’s no symbol on the ears, leaving you free to decorate them however you like. Too expensive? How about $7?

Yeah, whatever. We prefer “Sound by Steve.”

A redditor in Turkey found the greatest Beats by Dre knockoff ever [The Daily Dot]

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