You’ll Need A Very Large Freezer Or Fast Getaway Car If You Plan On Stealing $1K In Ice Cream

Not everyone can be George Clooney and Brad Pitt in Ocean’s 11-37. But just because you’re not wearing a slick suit, with just the right amount of gray dappling your furrowed, handsome brow doesn’t mean you can’t plan at least a little bit ahead. Like maybe some kind of cooling device to keep all that pilfered ice cream from melting? But hey, people do bad things and it’s a lot easier if they get caught hilariously than not caught at all.

Cops in eastern Sweden say two thieves had their eyes, hearts and stomachs set on a cache of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, which was minding its own business in a truck parked outside a wholesale center, reports The Local (citing the Aftonbladet newspaper, which Google will translate into fun English-ish for you).

The man reportedly broke into the truck and grabbed about $1,380 worth of sweet treats, but were noticed by a security guard in the midst of the heist. He chased them while they dumped their ill-gotten goods along the way, and managed to snag one of the suspects.

“As I understand it, all the ice cream was still (in the bags). And a lot of it had melted so it had to be thrown away,” Mikael Hedström, a spokesman for the police told the Aftonbladet newspaper. “This is one of the most unusual crimes I’ve been involved in.”

The suspect has been detained and probably wasn’t locked up with any of that wasted ice cream. Anyone wasting that much tastiness should be forced to face it in all its sad, melty state of disuse.

Thieves’ Ben & Jerry loot melts mid-heist [The Local]

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