Report: Apple Asked Supplier To Ship Two Kinds Of iPhones, Which Means Double The Hype

What’s more fun than getting all worked up about the new iPhone? Getting worked up about two new iPhones, of course! It’s been whispered, buzzed and otherwise fervently discussed that perhaps Apple was working on a lower cost iPhone in order to broaden its appeal in certain markets. Now comes the fact that one of Apple’s suppliers was reportedly asked to ship not one, but two kinds of iPhones.

Done gasping with surprise, dismay or ecstasy? Great. Moving along: The Wall Street Journal cites people familiar with the matter who say one of Apple’s assemblers will ship both kinds of phones in early September.

And because we doubt a company would pull a fast one with some kind of fake order for phones, that makes it seem pretty darn likely that there will indeed be a low-end iPhone. If the phones start shipping in September, that seems to indicate that the new models could be formally revealed next month as well.

People who work for Apple suppliers in Asia say they’ve started mass-producing components for what will surely be a new iPhone 5, with a metal casing, as well as the cheaper phone. Apple is keeping its lips zipped for now, but considering the fact that it unveils a new phone every fall for the last few years, we doubt this year will be any different.

Supplier to Ship Two Apple iPhones in September [Wall Street Journal]

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