11-Year-Old Spends The Summer Mowing Lawns To Raise $16K For Tornado Victims

There are all kinds of kid businesses young people can run in order to rake in a little extra cash — lemonade stands, babysitting gigs, and the time-honored trade of lawn work. But while most whippersnappers take on summer work to rustle up some green for spending money, one Texas boy mowed a whole lot of lawns and gave all the money he made to help victims of the Moore, Okla. tornado.

We’re not talking a few extra dollars here and there, either — a summer’s worth of work pulled in about $16,000 for the 11-year-old boy’s hard work. That’s a good chunk of change that could go toward a car, or a college education. But it’s instead earmarked to help others, reports WAFB.com.

In two months said he mowed almost 90 lawns. And he wants everyone to know this isn’t some sort of parental task he’s been set.

“A lot of people are saying my mom is making me, but I actually decided to mow for Moore, Oklahoma,” he explained.

Even daunting temperatures didn’t stop the young do-gooder.

“I worked in 104 degrees. That didn’t stop me,” he said. “I’m still going on my feet. My dad always says, ‘You’re going to work it to the bone, [son].'”

Someone treat that boy to a free lemonade at the corner stand, at the very least.

Texas boy mows lawns, raises $16K for Moore, OK [WAFB.com]

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