Winning The Powerball Is Easy — Just Buy Your Ticket From A Lucky Store

Before you get all up in arms and say there’s no such thing as an easy Powerball win [insert grumbling here] — I know. But there are stores that have come to be known as lucky, simply because they happened to sell the winning ticket and thereby get to claim a bit of the winner’s shine when all is said and done. Now perhaps if you consistently only visited those establishments… one can only hope.

Case in point: The Associated Press says that once everyone heard where a $1 million Powerball ticket was sold last Saturday, the hopeful masses looking for a piece of the fortune pie started hitting up that Pennsylvania 7-Eleven in the hopes that they’d be lucky too.

Today’s Powerball haul is up to $425 million, which means everyone is getting hungry for money and hitting up their local bodegas, newsstands and convenience stores. And if a store has been the site of a miracle in the past, they often get a boost when the lotto fever hits the masses.

“The manager said people were pouring into her store wanting to buy lottery tickets,” a 7-Eleven spokeswoman said of the Pennsylvania store. “They were of course really excited that one of their customers had won.”

Another store in Cedar Rapids, Iowa has also benefited from the Powerball glow after selling a $241 million jackpot ticket in June 2012.

“I do have customers that they do come here specifically when the numbers get higher,” said the store manager.”For some individuals, it does create a little more excitement around the Powerball machine.”

Now all we need is a map to app these places and we can all get really, really rich. Right? Sure. Good luck out there, folks.

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