Cafe Owner Learns That Attempts At Snark Will Not Go Over Well With Customers On Facebook

It is totally okay to be a sarcastic person, as we live in a world where each and every human is unique snowflake. But there comes a time when perhaps it’s not a bad idea to curb that snarky nature, like when dealing with messy customers. A cafe owner in Washington learned that lesson after she posted about a group of crumb-spewing people who had frequented her business.

The cafe isn’t one of those where kids are unwelcome, but the owner says a group with children made a mess of crumbs under the table after a feast of scones. And then one of the kids had an epic tantrum, she tells, prompting the owner to ask the group to leave.

“I was like, ‘You ladies are gonna need to leave, and you’re welcome to come back, but you can’t bring your children’,” she recalls.

Here’s where sarcasm sticks a foot in its own mouth — the owner posted a photo of the crumby mess on Facebook.

“The first sarcastic thing I said was ‘I’d like to thank our customers of small children for not making a mess, this is what was left,'” the owner admits.

And it was off to the races, as one of the moms shared the post with friends and the whole thing went viral. Some were on the side of the owner, some against, but the whole thing surprised her.

“I had somebody on Facebook threaten to drag me behind their truck,” she says, “I’ve had people threaten to picket my business.”

She deleted the post and apologized, writing: “I want to apologize for posting that picture. It was not right to do that and I am deeply sorry for any embarrassment it might have caused anyone.”

“It was supposed to be snarky,” she added. “If I wanted to humiliate them I would have taken their picture.”

Instead of leaving it as a case of sour grapes, the cafe owner has done something out of the ordinary: She offered to donate the price of a scone for every Facebook comment she received in a one-hour period, raising a total of $104 for back-to-school supplies for kids.

‘Crumby’ Facebook post gets cafe owner in hot water []

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