Spirit Airlines Makes Carlos Danger Its Promo Poster Boy: The Weiner Rises Again

Get it? Anthony Weiner? Sexting?

Get it? Anthony Weiner? Sexting?

If you don’t know what New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner is, you might just think Spirit Airlines’ new promo has something to do with a mysterious hot dog that is coming back from wherever it is texting hot dogs go. “The Weiner Rises Again!” trumpets Spirit in its new promo, featuring a masked frank holding a cell phone. See, because it’s the second time that Weiner has admitted to sending saucy messages to women. And this go-around, he took on the personality of one “Carlos Danger.”

Weiner stepped down from Congress in 2011 in the aftermath of sending photos of his, ahem, hot dog to women, and admitted this week that he kept sending that kind of message even after he’d resigned. He used the alter ego of Carlos Danger because ostensibly that is the most smoldering, lover of sexytimes pseudonym that he could come up with. And it just so happens it’s perfect for an airline promo!

Spirit will offer $24 off flights to Mexico if travelers book a vacation package to Los Cabos or Cancun by Friday night. No word on whether or not you must whisper, “I am… Carlos Danger” at the ticket counter when you arrive.

“We’re spreading the word of vacation package savings,” said Misty Pinson, a Spirit Airlines spokeswoman. “What’s not to love about low fares and great deals?”

Spirit is a fan of these kinds of promotions: Back when American Airlines had seats that kept coming loose, the airline poked fun at its competitor with a 7.57% discount, saying “We let low fares loose, not seats!”

All of the above, in addition to the long-running joke of its multitude of fees. Hilarious, guys.

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