Locals Want City To Define How Much Nudity Can Be Served At A Breastaurant

We’ve all got different definitions of nudity — I feel naked without long underwear on at all times! — but in one Texas town, there’s a debate brewing over what exactly is enough coverage for a waitress serving up food at a local breastaurant. Usually the women wear bikini tops, but on one “Anything But Clothes” or ABC night, some customers felt the definition of nudity was pushed back too far.

CBS-DFW says that on those ABC nights, the waitresses just slather on some body paint and pasties to cover their upper bits and call it a day.

That’s actually in line with what the city defines as coverage — at a business that’s not defined as a Sexually Oriented Business, it just has to be opaque. In other words, if you can’t see through a couple of layers of paint, that’s technically okay.

Officials may change that after a complaint about the attire or lack thereof at the restaurant.

“If any business were to decide to become a licensed Sexually Oriented Business then none of this matters for that particular establishment, but it applies here because the complaints were about a business that is licensed as a regular restaurant,” the city’s community relations manager explained.

After the police were sent to the scene of the non-crimes, the chief sent a memo to the City Manager noting that his department felt that the definition of nudity needs to be changed.

As such, the city council was to take on that question and decide whether or not body paint is enough coverage. A previous complaint a few years back about servers just wearing pasties and G-strings prompted the city council at the time to amend the ordinance to say that wasn’t appropriate, so it seems likely body paint will get the boot as well.

If the council decides that the body paint and pasties aren’t un-nude enough, and the restaurant wants to keep servers in those outfits, it’ll have to register for a Sexually Oriented Business permit. There are no other businesses in the city currently operating under such a permit. The nude cheese would stand alone.

City Council To Address Nudity Claim At Local ‘Breastaurant’ [CBS-DFW]

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