Groupon Introduces Discounted Restaurant Reservation Service

Now that the general public is over the first blush of excitement we initially felt for daily deals sites like Groupon and LivingSocial, the industry is casting about for new ways to entice customers. Because just like a shark, companies know they’ve gotta keep moving or face certain death. Groupon’s newest bid for survival: A service offering reservations at upscale restaurants for up to 40% off.

It sounds sort of like OpenTable but with discounted meals, but so far it’s limited 10 cities in the U.S., notes Mashable’s Seth Fiegerman, including New York, Boston, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

The service is an offshoot of Groupon Reserve, the fancy shmancy section of Groupon dedicated to luxury dining, activities and products. That’s where we imagine everyone types with their pinkies raised as well as one delicately arched eyebrow.

Using Groupon’s somewhat recent acquisition of, the service is partnered with 1,000 restaurants around the country and offers a pretty hefty discount on the meal’s final bill, provided that customers make the reservation online in advance.

“We’re migrating the Savored product and inventory onto the Groupon website and it’s going to live as its own distinct channel,” Benjamin McKean, founder of Savored and GM of Groupon Reserve, told Mashable.  “We are now going to be able to drive significantly more traffic to restaurants on [Groupon’s] platform.”

Groupon Pivots Further From Daily Deals With Upscale Restaurant Reservations [Mashable]

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