Walmart Erroneously Labels Me ‘Credit Risk,’ Won’t Send Data Plan Code

Kirk shops online a lot, but has never made a purchase from Walmart before. Apparently, this is some kind of crime, and has held up his online order of an activation code for his new T-Mobile prepaid plan. Walmart customer service calls him a “credit risk,” but T-Mobile thinks that his credit is peachy keen.

Apparently, WalMart views me as a serious credit risk. My “instant” email delivery of a $30 prepaid activation code for Tmobile’s killer $30 prepaid unlimited 4G data plan is now at three days and counting. I have never had that experience with any other online merchant.

According to a friendly customer service rep, my order is delayed due to a credit review since it is my first order with them.

Interesting that I had to call them up to find that out – their order confirmation and order status page simply says it “ships” within hours of order to my email account. All that ships is an activation code.

No mention or update that they are holding for credit. Meanwhile, T Mobile says my credit shows me as approved for up to 10 postpaid lines.

My mistake. I could have taken my same credit card with me to a local WalMart store and purchased the same item with no delays.

Maybe that’s the lesson here: the convenience of e-commerce isn’t always all that convenient.

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