Neighborhood Vons Store, I’m Really Worried About You

David’s family are the very definition of loyal customers: they have shopped at the same Vons store for 50 years now. Not just “at Vons”: at the same location all that time. They know the layout of the store well. Now, David is worried. He’s worried that this venerable store has forgotten how prices work.

Now that we’ve seen it, we’re worried too. This is the worst fuzzy math we’ve seen since our “Target is Crazy” series began in 2009.

We didn’t see anything all that unusual about this soda price tag, until we noticed that it’s for a two-liter bottle. “The top photo was where the 2 liters of Sprite soda were. Now this is the same spot they have been in all my life, so I know they couldn’t have just moved the product and not changed the label,” he writes.


That is some pricey high fructose corn syrup water. Oh, but it gets worse! David writes:

The second photo is even worse. It was below the Stouffers lasagna. Luckily I only needed one box so I didn’t have to pay the premium on two. And that’s if you use the club card, next time I need two I won’t use my club card.


Yeah, I’m pretty sure that the point of the club card is that stores are supposed to encourage customers to use it. Not discourage them from using it.

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