Motorized Shopping Carts Are Not For Drunken Shoplifting

If you’re going to make a daring escape from a grocery store after a dessert shoplifting spree, it’s probably wise to use something other than one of the store’s own motorized shopping carts. It didn’t end well for an Alaska man who tried to do just that at a Fred Meyer store last week.

There’s nothing wrong with using a motorized cart if you are actually disabled and could use the help. This man is not, and store employees report that his drunken motorized cart joyrides had been a problem in the past. Whenever employees try to deal with him, he is “highly intoxicated.”

The shoplifter tried to drive the cart into the parking lot and join traffic, and employees were concerned that a car might hit him. One worker detained him by holding the cart’s handlebars, preventing him from moving.

The customer was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, refusing a breath test, and shoplifting. He had tried to abscond with a box of chocolate chip cookies and a box of cake mix.

Fairbanks man on motorized shopping cart charged with DUI

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