Dick’s Sporting Goods Sale Makes A Mockery Of The Buy One Get One Free Concept

If you don’t have room in your budget for discounted fitness equipment from Dick’s Sporting Goods, maybe you could use a fabric folding chair. Dick’s Sporting Goods has a pretty good deal on chairs bearing their logo, at only $7.50 each if you buy two. The problem, reader Peter points out, is that the “regular” price is $12.


It’s fine to charge different prices for buying one chair instead of two. That makes sense. If the price for a single chair is $12, we have no problem with that. The problem comes in with the “buy one get one free for double that price” concept.

Update: An alert reader pointed out that maybe the regular price is $12, the sale price is $15, and the coupon lets you get the BOGO deal instead of the standard sale deal. That would make sense, but the fact that we’re even arguing about it is an indication that the sale is poorly designed.

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