No One Bought You A Free Medical Alert Device, Don’t Listen To Robocallers

For me, two types of crimes deserve extra-special ire: robocallers and people who rip off the elderly. These two terrible consumer crimes have combined in the “free medical alert device” scheme now plaguing the nation.

Seniors I know and are related to are getting these calls on a daily basis. The Federal Trade Commission had to scold a Brooklyn-based company that allegedly sent alert devices to people who didn’t order them, then hounded them for payment. Other seniors told the Better Business Bureau that they were getting charged $35 monthly service fees for devices that had never arrived, and couldn’t get the charges removed.

If you do want a push-button alert system for yourself or for a loved one, check your options and acquire one yourself…not from someone placing cold calls.

Seniors get a warning on medical alert scam [USA Today]
FTC Action Halts Brooklyn Company from Using Deception, Threats, and Intimidation to Trick Elderly Consumers Into Paying for Unordered Medical Alert Devices [Press Release]
BBB Warns Seniors of Deceptive Telemarketing Calls Offering Free Medical Alert Devices [BBB]

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