Plane Full Of People Stuck On Tarmac Believe They Can Fly, Believe They Can Touch The Sky

You know the lyrics, don't deny it.

You know the lyrics, don’t deny it.

Thirsty, hot passengers, holding on by a thread after suffering through the travel nightmare of a hot plane grounded on a tarmac. There was nowhere for them to go but into the magical world of song, where anything is possible, where they believe… well, they believe they can fly. They believe, in fact, that they can touch the sky, right along with R. Kelly.

One of those frustrated passengers aboard Allegiant Air flight 592 headed from Las Vegas to Phoenix on Sunday posted the below video on Reddit, writing: “5 hours no A/C or water in Nevada. People were getting sick and furious. My friends and I tried to lighten the mood.”

Passengers were first stuck on one plane for more than an hour and a half, notes ABC News, before being moved to a second one. That plane got stuck on the tarmac due to its own mechanical issues, and sat for more than an hour.

Enter R. Kelly, and a sing-along that seems to be borne of heat-induced delirium itself. Temperatures outside the plane reached 100 degrees, making it hard to keep the plane cool.

“While we’re glad that our customers were able to make light of the delay by singing an R. Kelly song, we take these matters very seriously,” the airline said in a statement. “Allegiant’s top priority is the safety of each of our passengers and crew members, and we will always take a delay to ensure the safety of all involved.”

“During the delay, our team members worked to make passengers as comfortable as possible by providing beverages,” Allegiant added.

Federal regulations require that an airline give enough food and water to passengers to make it bearable if they’re stuck for more than two hours, and planes must return to the gate to let passengers off after a delay in excess of three hours.

Finally, the passengers arrived in Phoenix after more than four hours of delays and a whole lot of singing. Each received $100 credit for future travel from Allegiant, and perhaps a newfound love for ’90s smooth jams.

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