You Should Probably Check Your Facebook Privacy Settings Right Now

If you’re like most Consumerist readers, you’re probably Internet-savvy enough to carefully screen what you say on Facebook, and to use filters when you have something more colorful and interesting to post. Now that everyone from your grandmother to your niece’s cat are on using Facebook, though, everyone could use a reminder of how to set up your privacy settings, how to change who sees a given post, and how to make sure those settings are still arranged how you want them.

Last year, a study by our data-crunching cousins down the hall at Consumer Reports estimated that 12 million Americans are happily Facebooking away without ever looking at their privacy settings. Sorry to be rude, but if you’re one of them: what is wrong with you?

If you haven’t checked your privacy settings and don’t know what all of the little globe and pencil icons mean, it’s okay. To help the non-checkers on the Internet, Consumer Reports made this handy video showing you how to check and modify your privacy settings.

Don’t be like Facebook employee/founder sibling Randi Zuckerberg. Control who can see your stuff on Facebook.

How to protect your privacy on Facebook, step by step [Consumer Reports]

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