Shirtless Customer Walks Into Dunkin’ Donuts, Rips Shirt Off Employee’s Back

Thankfully, the incident was caught on camera.

Thankfully, the incident was caught on camera.

Police in Berks County, PA, are on the lookout for a Dunkin’ Donuts customer who strode into the store without a shirt on and then helped himself to a shirt that was being worn by a DD employee at the time.

The Reading Eagle reports that the incident occurred Saturday afternoon. The suspect first pulled up to the Dunkin’ drive-thru, where employees say he was shouting at a crying baby in his car.

Employees tell police they couldn’t understand the man’s order so they asked him to repeat it. This didn’t go over very well with the customer, who cursed them out over the loudspeaker and then entered the store sans shirt.

Inside the Dunkin’, the suspect allegedly let loose with racial insults, scaring a couple of customers away in the process.

When an employee said he would call the police if the customer didn’t leave, the man yanked the shirt of that employee’s back before fleeing.

If only he’d waited until Friday, which is apparently National Donut Day, he could have gotten a free donut to go along with that shirt.


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