10 Brands That Might Disappear In 2014

Our friends over at 24/7 Wall Street make an annual habit of predicting which everyday brands will go out of business or otherwise disappear in the following calendar year. Their predictions are out for 2014, which feels far enough away in retail terms that we need time machines and binoculars to see it from here.

But what businesses do they see hurtling toward their doom? Here’s the full list, though you have to click through to see their notes on why.

1. J.C. Penney

2. Nook

3. Martha Stewart Living Magazine

4. LivingSocial

5. Volvo

6. Olympus


8. Leap Wireless

9. Mitsubishi Motors

10. Road & Track magazine

Predicting the demise of any print magazine doesn’t require any special skills of prediction. But how have pervious years’ lists of doomed brands look after the passage of time?

A surprising number of companies on the 2012 list are still with us. Against all odds, Soap Opera Digest not only continues to publish, but does so in print. Saab is trying to stage a comeback as an electric car brand under new ownership. And American Apparel and its filthy, filthy ads live on.

Ten Brands That Will Disappear in 2014 [24/7 Wall Street]

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