Amy’s Baking Company Needs To Hire 30 People, Held Weekend Job Fair

1368728684-amys_baking_companyThe unemployment rate in the Phoenix metropolitan area is lower than the national rate, at only 6.4%. So it’s interesting that the next step in the comeback plan of the restaurant-cafe-Internet trainwreck was a massive job fair yesterday afternoon, in order to get staff in place for tomorrow’s grand re-opening.

The restaurant, which has trouble holding on to staff for some reason, was hiring for just about every position, from baker to dishwasher to food runner. Servers will reportedly start at $5 plus tips: staff reportedly received $8-14 and the owners kept their tips at the time of the “Kitchen Nightmares” taping in December, and until last week.

Co-owner Amy Bouzaglo admitted to a local TV station that her behavior on camera and after the episode aired was not appropriate. “Our behavior that night was not right. What you saw is a woman who felt cornered, and I had a meltdown,” she said in one of this week’s greatest understatements.

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