Psychic Takes Woman’s Life Savings To Repair Her Aura, Prevent Bad Things From Happening

We are not experts and any and all things paranormal, but perhaps auras are a thing, and perhaps it is possible for one person to repair another’s aura and prevent bad things from happening to them. However, it seems unlikely to us that it’s possible to do so by giving the “psychic” all of your savings and family heirlooms to watch over for you. And yet, someone tried this, and someone fell for it.

A 65-year-old Colorado woman who put her trust and her retirement fund in the hands of a psychic is now out to warn the public not to do the same. It all began with an upsell: she stopped by his shop one day and had a $10 reading done. The psychic saw bad things, and upsold her to an $825 reading in order to figure out the terrible things he saw “on the right side” of her aura. Then he told her that he needed to borrow almost $10,000 in cash that would give him the “power” to prevent bad things from happening.

After that first visit, the psychic gave his victim a call. “[S]omething terrible was about to happen to me which he was trying to ward off,” she explained to reporters. That terrible thing was that she was about to have a total of $73,000 taken from her by a scammy psychic.

He was just holding on to it in order to prevent bad things from happening, he assured her. He drew his psychic power from her cash. He assured her that the money was safe: he had stored it in a cave.

Eventually, she saw through this act and after handing over $73,000 over a period of months, went to police. It was only after she took her story to local news media that she learned that he had a criminal history.

He was charged with theft, crimes against an at-risk adult and intimidating a witness. The case is still pending.

Psychic Victim: ‘How Could I Be So Stupid?’ [CBS Denver]

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