Maintenance Manager Needs To Prioritize Tasks In Order Of How Life-Threatening They Are

What use are you, anyway?

What use are you, anyway?

Listen, we’ve all wanted our tubs caulked or a drawer fixed here and there in an apartment, but when you really need something, like your life depends on it? Where’s apartment maintenance then, huh? Just leaving behind the most important thing on the checklist to possibly crawl out from the attic and terrify you to death while you’re tucked in bed late at night.

All your worst fears come out at night, and whoever lives in this apartment has solid proof that the apartment management isn’t taking the tenant’s monster problem seriously, as posted on Reddit.

“Caulked around tub. Fixed drawer. Vented ceiling (sp) fan Bath. Cleaned mold spots. Installed new sink cabin base. Will be back to finish drywall patch and get ahold of exterminator for monster in attic.”

Oh, you’ll be back to take care of the monster issue? What about now, huh? How is someone supposed to live a life without fear, knowing there’s a monster lurking under the same roof? Get your act together, maintenance guys, and start taking care of the tasks that are possibly life-threatening before fixing any more drawers. Because this is a total outrage.

So I had some maintenance done to my apartment today. When you see it… [Reddit]

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