Humor Website Offers To Buy Giant Stuffed Carnival Banana For $2600



Earlier this week, we shared with you the sad story of a dad who lost his life’s savings playing a carnival game trying to win an Xbox Kinect for his kids (okay, probably for himself too.) He lost $2,600 when going “double or nothing” got terribly out of hand, and has nothing to show for it but a human-sized stuffed banana with dreadlocks. We shared this story as a cautionary tale about gambling, carnival games, and making sound investment choices. Over at, they have a different take. They want the banana.

Well, okay, they kind of feel sorry for the guy, too. So they set a goal. If their post about the man received 26,000 Faceboook likes, they would offer to buy the banana for $2,600. If it got 30,000 likes, they would buy the man’s family an Xbox. In this scenario, everyone wins, they noted:

Henry gets his money back, we get to look like good Samaritans when really we just want a giant stuffed banana with dreads sitting in our office, commenters can be like “How Stoopid waz this guy SMH”, etc., so everybody wins!

Not to mention, thirty thousand people post about CollegeHumor on their Facebook walls when they hit that “Like” button. That helps. The score just passed 30,000 likes while I was writing this post, so congratulations to the man for having his terrible decisions validated, and to CollegeHumor on their new acquisition.

My colleagues here at Consumerist’s Albany bureau and I took up a collection, and the best counter-offer we can make for the banana is $10 in cash and a half-chewed rawhide bone. (My colleagues are dogs.) More power to you, CollegeHumor.

‘Like’ This Post and We’ll Buy This Guy’s Dreadlocks Banana For $2,600 [CollegeHumor](via CBS Boston – thanks, Britt!)

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