Papa John’s Delivery Guy Drops Off Pizza On Foot After Getting Carjacked

If the motto for mail carriers involves not getting discouraged by rain or snow or whatnot, perhaps a pizza delivery driver in Atlanta deserves his own saying about not letting a carjacking get in the way of your job. Police say that after the driver was carjacked earlier this month, he still managed to deliver a pizza to a customer.

According to the authorities, the Papa John’s driver was in southwest Atlanta and had just gotten out of his Cadillac when two men pointed revolvers at him and told him to give up whatever he had. Allegedly the two suspects then hopped in his car and drove off.

Meanwhile, the driver apparently hadn’t handed over the pizza he had been holding, and walked the food on foot to the nearby house before running to get help, reports the Associated Press.

He then filled out an incident report with the police and had a rather odd request — he wanted to be dropped off at a train station instead of the Papa John’s where he worked. Cops say he told them he wanted to wait to tell his boss about what had happened later, because he was afraid of getting fired.

Fired? You should be given a pizza delivery guy medal, sir. We salute you, for overcoming what surely must’ve been a terrifying situation and still managing to do your job.

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