Neighbors Bill Hotel $21,000 For Sleepless Nights From Noisy Parties

hotelbillsFirst we brought you a story about hotel guests unable to sleep because of noises outside the building, now it’s a tale of woe from the opposite side of the looking glass, with residents on one Manhattan street sending a bill for its sleepless nights to a neighboring hotel full of party-goers.

New York may be known as the “city that never sleeps,” but it’s more “the city that would go to sleep if everyone else would just shut the *&(@ up and go home.”

Just ask the folks who live near the Gansevoort Park Avenue hotel in Manhattan. Neighbors say the trendy spot, complete with nightclub and rooftop pool, has drawn so many loudmouths that they can’t sleep.

“It’s terrible. It’s just so loud — it’s like they’re having a party out on the street,” one neighbor tells CBS New York.

“These kids come 11, 12 at night and they leave at 2, 3 in the morning,” says another, “the taxis are picking them up and there’s a lot of noise going on.”

And so a handful of neighbors decided to pull together and bill the Gansevoort $21,000 for depriving them of their sleep.

Residents say they don’t actually expect to be paid, but hope this will do something to shine a light on the complaints they’ve lodged with management for nearly three years.

“The hotel keeps making promises, says ‘yes yes yes, we’ll remedy the problem’ and then it’s not remedied,” says one neighbor.

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