At The Airport It’s Best To Just Forget Your Sandwich’s Name If It’s Called “The Bomb”

Ah, lingo. Friend of businesses trying to come up with relevant names for products, say “The Bomb” sandwich, and nemesis of those not in the know everywhere else. Seems the Transportation Security Administration wasn’t amused by a man discussing his aforementioned sandwich, as you will note that “The Bomb” includes the word “bomb” in it. And the guy was at an airport.

Varying media reports have a 29-year-old man at JFK airport, either with a sandwich dubbed “The Bomb” by the eatery from where he purchased it, or perhaps he was just saying to his pal, “This sandwich is the bomb,” as in, “It’s an awesome sandwich.”

According to the New York Post, the 29-year-old guy was on an escalator at JFK last week when a TSA officer heard him tell his pal something about having “the wrong kind of bomb.”

She reported the conversation to her supervisor, who sent TSA agents to question the guy. By the time the man and his friend were in a holding area, agents realized he was talking about The Bomb. His sandwich. 

The two were released but not in time to catch a Los-Angeles-bound flight.

It’s one of those times where the cons outweigh the pros of calling your food anything to do with bombs. Pros? Your friend knows the sandwich is delicious or is fancy enough to have a name, thus making you… a cool eater of sandwiches? The cons? You get in trouble with the TSA, much like the guy with a grenade-shaped lighter.

Choose wisely, friends.