This Is, Quite Literally, The Sweetest Resignation Letter You’ve Ever Seen

Most folks’ resignation letters are of the two word variety, or even just a single finger held defiantly in the air. But a pastry chef in England decided the best way to say goodbye to his daytime gig with the border protection folks at Stansted Airport was to sweeten his leaving with a little dessert. reports that the resignation letter seen above went viral after the writer/baker’s brother-in-law posted it on Twitter.

It reads:

Today is my 31st birthday, and having recently become a father I now realise how precious life is and how important it is to spend my time doing something that makes me, and other people, happy.

For that reason I hereby give notice of my resignation, in order that I may devote my time and energy to my family, and to my cake business which has grown steadily over the past few years.”

He then concludes by wishing his old co-workers well and telling them that if they enjoy the resignation letter, they can buy his cakes from his website.

As for the handwriting, which we had no trouble deciphering, the cake maker now admits that his icing penmanship “was quite fiddly… I would have done it a bit neater if I’d known it was going to go viral.”

Resignation by cake: the sweetest way to say goodbye [The Guardian via]

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