Make Your Own Automatic Pet Feeder With A Litter Bucket And A Pie Tin

self_feederDo you have pets who won’t eat an entire bag of kibble in one sitting? If so, your household might be a good candidate for an automatic pet feeder. What you might not realize is that you can make your own auto-feeder out of ordinary products that you probably have sitting around the house.

You could throw those materials in the recycling bin, or you could turn them into something useful! The materials required are in the video, but you’ll need a utility knife, scissors, liquid nails or a hot glue gun, and of course a dish and a bucket. (Finding a food-safe BPA-free bucket may be a challenge, if that’s important to you.)

If you don’t want infinite kibble, there are plenty of other DIY pet things that might amuse your furry friends. For example, a dog biscuit-tossing machine, a poo composter, or a feather spinner for your cat.

Plastic Container Pet Food Dispenser [] (Thanks to catastrophegirl, indirectly)

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