You Really Don’t Need To Pay $70 For LPG Conversion Kit Delivery From Sears (Or Anyone)

Because it involves gas and stuff

Because it involves gas and stuff

Matthew bought a gas dryer, but needed one that runs on liquid propane. He only discovered this after installation. No big deal: you can get a little tiny converter, which fits in a small padded envelope. Or would, if Sears were willing to mail it. Which they are not.

He can only have a Sears delivery truck bring it out to him, because it’s made of metal and comes into contact with gas after it’s installed, and could… explode or something.

I recently bought $6000 worth of appliances from Sears, including a gas Kenmore Dryer. When the appliances were delivered, I found out that the dryer was set up for natural gas, and I had to buy a LP Conversion kit (Sears Item No. 26-17025) for $11. This is not a big deal.

HOWEVER, Sears is charging $69.99 to “deliver” this small item to my house, but delivery to a store is free. I ended up opting to pick up the item at the store because I had enough points saved up to get it for free, otherwise I would have looked elsewhere.

I spoke with customer services about this. They claimed that because this was a metal item, and related to appliances, they COULD NOT ship or mail it to me at a more reasonable charge. I would have to pay $70 to have someone from Sears bring it to me. This charge does not include installation, only for someone to hand me a package that would fit in my pocket.

I believe that this policy is outrageous, and Sears was unwilling to work with me on resolving it. It is predatory towards someone who might believe that this includes installation or doesn’t read the very fine print. I only got all the details when I contacted customer service.

Read the fine print, shop around: all solid advice. Thanks, Matthew!

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