Please Stop Almost Killing People Because You’re Staring At The Awesome Driverless Google Car

Businessweek has an article by a Mountain View, California denizen whose neighborhood is besieged by the notorious driverless Google cars. The problem is not what you’d assume. The cars drive just fine. In fact, they are better than the people, says the author. His issue is that the fleet of robot vehicles have an unintended side-effect: They cause nearby humans to lose their own ability to drive.

Gawkers at stoplights peek in the windows to see if there is just a mess of wires behind the wheel. “When the light turns green, off goes the Google car, while a handful of other human-steered vehicles just sit there, clogging up the road and making the rest of us irate,” he says.

Far worse, of course, are the folks who try to do this while the car is moving, passing while trying to see in the driver’s side window just in case the sarcastic Robot from Lost in Space is in there riding shotgun. (We can only assume.)

In any case, this particular bit of whining just helps make the case for a driverless future, doesn’t it? Bring on the robots, we say.

Google’s Self-Driving Robot Cars Are Ruining My Commute [Businessweek]

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