You’ll Have To Restrict Nude Sunbathing To The Weekends In Wisconsin From Now On

Remember all those nude beach revelers in Wisconsin slipping off into the woods to get jiggy with it or whatever? The beach was well-known around the country as a place to strip down and not be bothered much by the long hand of the law. But when things started getting too frisky last year, clothed people started to complain. And now the naked shenanigans will be restricted to weekends only.

The state’s Department of Natural Resources says Mazomanie Beach (even the name is fun!) will be closed to beachgoers on weekdays at an attempt to curb public sex, sexual cruising and illicit drug use, reports the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

That closure includes all the areas around the actual beach: islands nearby, wooded areas and anywhere else with public access from either the water or the land.

“Our goal is to have everybody feel safe and comfortable,” said an official with the DNR, adding that while there were 19 people arrested in 2012 for illicit sex acts and three for drug use, if the office had enough enforcement resources it’d be a different story.

“The numbers aren’t showing exactly what’s going on out there,” he said.

About 100 and 200 visitors head to the beach a day during summer weekends, he noted. With the beach closed during the week, that number could go up.

The nudists don’t sound too mad about the enforcement of the drug and sex laws at the beach, but say that the DNR is curtailing the rights of those who want to enjoy the atmosphere in their birthday suits, and not bother anyone.

“If you go looking for those you’ll find those kinds of acts at any public beach,” the director of the Oshkosh-based Naturist Action Committee tells the paper of the naughty behavior some exhibit at the beach. “They (the DNR) are limiting access to legitimate users… They’ve placed the beach off-limits to those who want to go fishing or bring a pair of field glasses to look at birds.”

Nude bird-watching, who knew? Besides the birds, that is. They can see you.

Wisconsin DNR closes nude beach on weekdays [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

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