Amazon Is Very Concerned Someone Will Get Hurt Lifting This 4.65-Lb Box

Please, be careful.

Please, be careful.

Consumerist reader Charles might have thought Amazon had thrown in some barbells or maybe a spare anvil it had lying around the old warehouse when he received the above package. But that’s not what he’d ordered, and it wasn’t what was in the box.

He writes that the above box, plastered with two neon yellow “HEAVY —LIFT WITH CARE” stickers simply contained two jars of tahini.

As his scale helpfully illustrates, the entire box weighs in at a whopping 4.65 pounds.

Good thing Amazon’s Stupid Shipping Gang put those stickers on it, “otherwise I might have hurt my back picking it up,” writes Charles.

It’s one thing to package small products in a comically large box, but in this example it seems Amazon judged a box by its size and just assumed something that large must weigh a lot. Silly Amazon.

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