Judge Approves Sale Of Twinkies, Could Be On Shelves By Summer

Now is the winter of our discontent made glorious summer by a pair of investment firms. Good news for everyone who has been jonesing for a sugary, spongy, creme-filled fix — the judge overseeing the Hostess bankruptcy proceedings has given the go-ahead for the Twinkies brand to be sold off, with the hope that we could all be once again knee-deep in Twinkies at some point this summer.

The AP reports that the sale also includes other snack cake brands, including Ding Dongs and Ho Hos.

The new owners of these treats are no strangers to guilty pleasures. One of the two investment firms, Metropoulos & Co., is the owner of Pabst beer, while the other, Apollo Global Management (which, between you and me, sounds like the name of a CIA front) now owns the Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. chain of eateries.

Evan Metropoulos, who is apparently not a superhero, has previously stated it’s his goal to get Twinkies back in stores ASAP, explaining, “There’s no mistake, we’ve got to move smartly, we’ve got to move quickly.”

In other Hostess Brands news, the judge signed off on the sale of Wonder bread to Flowers Foods, owners of Tastykakes and other brands that are not Tastykakes so they don’t matter.

And Hostess’ Beefsteak brand has been approved for sale to Grupo Bimbo, which we bring up just an excuse to write “Grupo Bimbo.”

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