I Wish The Stupid Shipping Gang Worked For Groupon

poor stacking bowlsWe’re always posting and mocking comically over-packaged items as part of our ongoing Stupid Shipping Gang series, but Amanda only wishes that she had received her set of plastic stacking bowls in a box large enough to serve as a home for a family of four and encased in acres of bubble wrap. Then maybe her bowls would have arrived in fewer than one hundred pieces.

She ordered the boxes from Groupon, and is sad but somewhat resigned. She writes:

They sent them in a beat up box shoved in a plastic mailer with no packaging peanuts or bubble wrap whatsoever. I sent an e-mail to their customer service and after I sent them a picture confirming that the bowls were indeed broken they gave me Groupon bucks back.

Not a big deal to me because I’ll use the Groupon bucks to buy something else that catches my fancy but I know some people would probably be ticked that they didn’t just give a refund to the credit card used for the purchase.

It’s true that there’s almost always something at Groupon to spend hard-earned bucks on, but sad that at least one set of bowls had to be sacrificed in order for the shippers to (maybe) learn why a little bit of packing material is a good idea. Not excessive amounts, but at least a little.

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